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If you’re ready to drive with HOURCAR, please be sure that you meet our membership requirements before you apply. You’ll also want to check out our how-to page to make sure your carsharing with HOURCAR is easy and problem-free. The 3-minute video will have you ready for membership and you can refer back to it at any time. Take a moment now to review those two pages if you haven’t already. Once you’re done, fill out the registration below, and we’ll get you driving as quickly as we can!

By filling out an application, you are applying to become a member of Hourcar. If you meet insurance requirements, an account will be set up for you and application and membership fees will be applied. If you have questions about Hourcar, please call us at 612-343-2277 or e-mail us at before you apply. If you would like to review your driving record, please stop by your local DMV to request a copy.


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All members are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy for all “not-at-fault” damages. Members causing “at-fault” damage to an Hourcar be will be assessed a damage fee of up to $2,000. A damage fee waiver can be applied to waive a member’s damage fee. A damage fee waiver costs $50 plus tax and is valid for up to one year. Coverage for additional drivers on shared accounts is $10 plus tax per driver. A damage fee waiver is included in the price of the Winter Plan. We strongly recommend that all members purchase a damage fee waiver annually.


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Select yes to use your current MetroTransit card or other RFID enabled card* to access Hourcar vehicles. This is the fastest way to get on the road, so choose this option if you need to use a car in the next few days. If you are unsure if these options apply to you, please select 'yes' and call or email the HOURCAR office after completing your application. Using your transit card for Hourcar will in no way affect the balance or any other information stored on your transit card. Click here to learn more about this option and our partnership with Metro Transit.

*Approved RFID enabled cards include: University of Minnesota UPasses, Campus Zone Passes, and employer-approved ID badges.

This temporary pin will be used to validate your Metro Transit card the first time you access an Hourcar vehicle. It must be exactly 4 numbers only!